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在发生火灾时,远在气溶胶或烟雾颗粒产生之前,就会释放出热分解气体. Oxeo EcoPrevent CS系统可以检测到这些热分解气体,并通过控制氮气的供应来降低受影响保护区的氧气浓度,以确保“防火”的气氛. 因此,及早发现热分解气体是防止明火爆发的最佳方法. Oxeo EcoPrevent CS protected areas are freely accessible, since the oxygen concentration is only reduced when needed.

Advantages of Oxeo EcoPrevent CS versus inert gas extinguishing systems

  • 在预防模式下防止明火的爆发,从而减少火灾和相应的损害
  • 补充惰性气体提供了时间来定位热分解事件和消除其原因
  • Added safety for people through the controlled inflow of inert gas
  • In most cases, 当检测到热分解气体时,切换到预防模式就足够了. This results in lower costs for refilling the cylinder battery.

Oxeo EcoPrevent CS与永久性氧气还原系统相比的优势

  • 防止明火不需长期使用能源和维护的压缩机, compressed air processing units and nitrogen generators
  • 在新鲜空气意外大量吸入时,快速供应惰性气体
  • Additional backup via intervention mode
  • In standby mode, 保护区一般不需要事先进行职业健康检查即可进入
  • Modular extension of the inert gas supply


Oxygen sensor
Aspirating smoke detector with an extra CO-sensor
Inert gas nozzle
Pressure relief flap
On-off control
Fire detection and extinguishing control panel
Construction of Oxeo EcoPrevent CS
  1. Oxygen sensor
  2. Aspirating smoke detector with an extra CO-sensor
  3. Inert gas nozzle
  4. Cylinderbattery
  5. Pressure relief flap
  6. On-off control
  7. Fire detection and extinguishing control panel


Graphic of how the Oxeo EcoPrevent CS works


Oxeo EcoPrevent CS系统的一个重要组成部分是HELIOS AMX5000吸气式烟雾探测器,它集成了热分解气体传感器技术, offering both, 热分解气体检测和尽可能早的火灾检测,降低报警级别. As a rule, 在发生火灾时,像一氧化碳这样的热分解气体会在气溶胶或烟雾颗粒产生之前就被释放出来. 因此,及早发现热分解气体是防止明火爆发的最好方法. If thermolysis gas is detected, FMZ 5000火灾探测控制面板向Oxeo EcoPrevent CS系统中的一个永久性站位发出相应的警报,并触发从待机模式到预防模式的状态变化. In other words, 受影响的保护区域的氧气浓度通过添加惰性气体的控制方式来降低,以创造一个“防火”的气氛. In prevention mode, Oxeo EcoPrevent CS的功能类似于一个永久性还原氧气的系统:在这些情况下, 发生明火几乎是不可能的,火灾和由此引起的损害被降到最低.


然而,即使在永久性氧减少的情况下,例外的事件,例如.g. a short-circuit generating an energy-intense electric arc, may cause the unexpected outbreak of a fire. For this reason, Oxeo EcoPrevent CS提供了额外的安全备份:如果HELIOS AMX5000检测到气溶胶或烟雾颗粒, it switches the system to intervention mode via the FMZ 5000; in other words, via additional supply of inert gas, an atmosphere that is conducive to extinguishing the fire is generated. 这使得Oxeo EcoPrevent CS防火成为您的安全网,以确保您的数据中心的持续可用性. In the protected areas, 氧浓度由传感器连续测量,然后将其数据传输到FMZ 5000. 这使得Oxeo EcoPrevent CS系统能够以可控的方式降低氧气浓度. An additional safety benefit, compared to inert gas extinguishing systems, 在什么地方,水淹经常导致系统的氧气浓度降低到低于必要的水平.

Inert gas flow

In inert gas extinguishing systems, 由于室内有渗漏点,淹水后氧浓度再次持续升高. 这意味着保护区域的电源必须在几分钟后再次关闭. Oxeo EcoPrevent CS, on the other hand, 根据测定的氧气浓度补充惰性气体的流量. In this way, the prevention mode, and if necessary, the intervention mode can be maintained for agiven extended period of time, defined by the operator. In the event of a fire, 这提供了足够的时间来定位热分解事件,并消除其原因-一个显著的优势!


Computer/server areas
Computer/server areas

Protection zone

电脑和服务器领域, including climate brackets, 在数据中心中,可以覆盖数百平方米的表面,并跨越几个层次. The computers and servers are aligned on a vast surface with false floors; and the climate bracket includes a large number of climate cabinets.


  • High energy density
  • Missing or improper cooling
  • Overheating through hot spots
  • Technical defects, such as short circuits

Fire Protection

Oxeo ecopprevent系统通过使用惰性气体,在最高的安全水平上提供节能的防火保护, such as argon or nitrogen, which are added according to need. They represent availability, flexibility, 绿色IT:这使它们成为计算机和服务器领域以及数据中心相关气候括号的理想解决方案. 灭火系统的激活是通过一个火灾报警系统来操作的, while the HELIOS AMX5000 smoke aspirating system allows early detection.

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