Inveron offers a high degree of clarity by bringing together all messages and events automatically in a user-friendly interface with clear graphics. 控制点的当前状态可以以图形、文本或动画的形式显示. 这适用于阈值以上和阈值以下的消息,它们以实际显示 time. The rapid localization of a problem is crucial in preventing operational downtimes. Inveron helps those responsible to make correct decisions in case of fire or malfunction.

Targeted action is possible and the highest level of safety is guaranteed. The system provides the operator with comprehensive continuous information such as reports on maintenance work and helps with on-screen messages. Action procedures can be stored and will be dependable guide to the necessary actions. Internal processes become more efficient and safer. 监控全球, 本地操作:使用Inveron, several locations belonging to a company can be incorporated into an overall system, whether on the other side of the street or on another continent. 距离无关紧要.

Authorization administration and data supply are centrally controlled. Each location only sees the information intended for it. 经授权的操作员可以访问任何操作站的所有位置,并获得全面的概述. 操作在任何地方都是一样的. It is possible to switch messages to another location if a security point is not manned. The information can be received by SMS or E-mail. Minimax can assist with service access for troubleshooting.


Inveron是一个透明和用户友好的系统可视化和操作火灾探测, 灭火和危险检测. All reports and events are automatically merged in a user interface and presented on a screen. Inveron offers ideal monitoring particularly for complex building structures. 除了, the hazard management system supplies operators with a range of additional information and supports them in carrying out the required measures.

  • Cross-system integration of all messages in one interface
  • 简单的可视化
  • Rapid localization of fire events and faults
  • Stored action instructions help to prevent mistakes in stressful situations
  • 有效地准备路线指南
  • 将监控
  • Event evaluation through automatic logging


Construction of a hazard management system


The Inveron hazard management system includes software and hardware components. 对于硬件,PC和/或服务器, desktop- and large-format screens are required and, 如果需要, 摄像头和PLC I/O控制器.


Inveron offers a multitude of interfaces through manufacturer-independent integration of detection points of a wide variety of fire detection and extinguishing systems and other hazard detection systems. Minimax火灾探测控制面板和Inveron之间的通信使用了专有协议. 该协议在两个系统之间提供完整的数据交换和永久的协调. 这提供了一个更快的, 一种更具成本效益的检测点集成-编程和系统设置成本很低.

A number of fire protection systems from other manufacturers can be interfaced: for example

  • CCTV video monitoring as a way of verifying fire detection

  • gas detection control panels from popular manufacturers via Modbus.

除此之外, many other systems can be connected via interfaces, for example an intrusion detection system, 周边监控或大门控制. Even open standard interfaces (OPC, Modbus, Profibus, BACnet) are possible. This makes Inveron deployable for the long term, even if fire detection manufacturers or systems change. Further-more there is a PLC controller for integrating other signals (for example heating, 通风或防火门).

Automatic generation of re department route cards

从系统中获得的信息允许为消防部门高效地生成路线卡. The required data is located in a central database, thus requiring minimal data maintenance. 这使得路由卡可以定期更新(路由卡不能超过两年). In the event of fire the current tickets are automatically printed; they are available when the fire department arrives. 取决于消防部门ment's equipment, a job ticket can also be transmitted to a tablet in the emergency vehicle. 这是特别 对无人居住的建筑物来说很重要.

Fire department route cards are used upon activation of the alarm to show the fire department the way from the fire detection control panel to the activated fire detector. 消防线路卡上的火灾探测器分配到火灾探测控制面板探测器组中. 除此之外 the fire department key depot, the building access and the location of the fire detection control panel, 公用报警传输装置, fire department operating panel and fire department display board and all facilities relevant to the fire departments are marked in. 这意味着每个火灾探测控制面板探测器组需要一张消防部门的工作票. These are each drawn up specific to the object and are located in the immediate vicinity of the fire department contact point, 在储物盒里. Additionally the current version is automatically printed. Fire department route cards are one of the prerequisites for connecting the fire detection system to the fire department responsible.



Inveron结合了火灾探测, 灭火系统和其他危险检测系统分成几千个监视点. No matter where the data points are situated, various company locations can be monitored from a single position. The functionality and graphics structure of the user interface are individually determined and then implemented in a customized set up. This means customers receive action text messages specific to their circumstances.


The danger management system triggers an alarm

Inveron provides threshold messages, which are continually shown in real time. 阈值违反将立即显示为事件消息,并启动与事件相关的流程. Individual technical drawings of the detectors are shown for each event. Action text messages show the operator the steps to be initiated. Up to five (animated) graphics can be stored; operations can take place directly from the graphics interface.


In case of an event a signal is processed immediately and forwarded to both, a permanently manned station and on-call services. The message is sent via text message or E-mail. iOS应用程序保证了访问的便利性. In each location users have specific rights assigned. 无论位置, 所有获得授权的人都将立即收到信息,可以立即开始必要的步骤. The display of the messages can be configured to the individual customer (for example in multiple languages) and contains detailed information on detector, 消息的位置和类型.


The user interface can be individually configured. 在开放编辑的操作界面上,用户可以随时对版本进行修改. 向量图形的积分, 例如AutoCAD, 图片或视频/摄像机流, 提供事件的详细显示. 控制点的当前状态以图形形式显示,包括文本消息和动画.


Inveron可用于工业的所有领域,并单独适应相关的要求和特殊的危害. It is the ideal solution when extensive factory- or works premises or complex production facilities with a high number of monitoring points have to be controlled and hazard detection systems from various manufacturers are in use.



控制站 are the focal point to ensure permanent safety checks. These control stations are often located in small to medium-sized rooms equipped with monitors and other technical equipment for visual supervision, e.g. 用极大极小Inveron.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits
  • Overheating of computers or other electronic devices


控制站 can be integrated into an existing sprinkler system for building protection. To provide additional protection for electric and electronic devices, 通过使用预动作洒水装置,减少了洒水系统意外触发的风险. 



液压机 are often used for metal forming. 在冲压硬化过程中, the units that are to be compacted are covered with an oily film before pressing, 加热到所需的成型温度,然后用冲压件和模具压成所需的形状. 这就产生了很高的摩擦热. 因此,要压实的单元随后必须在开放的油淬硬盆地中以受控的方式冷却.


  • 输油管道泄漏
  • 按压时摩擦热高
  • Highly flammable oily film on the units to be compacted


minifogprocon水雾灭火系统是一种节水的水雾灭火系统,适合于消防. Minifog圣保罗市 impulse nozzles positioned at the press generate a fine spray mist that reaches the fire even in the event of the press having complex geometries. 火灾探测系统通过UniVario火焰和热探测器触发灭火系统.



Offices, conference rooms and dining rooms are generally used by staff and guests. 除了, staff members may also retire to break rooms or smoking rooms and to kitchens during work. Corridors run through the entire building, serving as a main traffic route.


  • Defective electrical devices such as projectors and computers
  • 照明过热
  • 自动售货机短路


Minifog EconAqua water mist extinguishing systems offer space- and water-saving protection and can be connected to an existing sprinkler system. In areas with higher ceilings, sprinkler systems provide reliable fire protection. 



生产和装配大厅 are typically extensive multi-story buildings that offer the necessary space for machinery and systems. Such halls are often not structurally subdivided, and the individual areas are interconnected by fully-automated 输送机系统.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits at production facilities
  • 高度易燃的材料
  • Rapid spreading of fire due to open spaces and interconnecting 输送机系统


自动喷水灭火系统 are often the ideal solution for production and assembly areas. Their basic concept of selective extinguishing satisfies the applicable requirements. 在活化的情况下,水不会分散到整个生产和装配大厅.



在湿式喷漆系统中, primers, base and cover coats or clear paint coats are often applied electrostatically using paint robots on car bodies or larger workpieces. 喷漆系统通常包括对车辆进行初步处理的装置, 用油漆机器人油漆摊位, 冷却区和干燥区, filter equipment and various work booths for inspection and repairs. 通风和通风系统确保喷漆和工作间有必要的大气环境.


  • 电源技术缺陷
  • 高度易燃,溶剂型涂料
  • Sparking
  • 油漆在干燥炉中沉淀


自动喷水灭火系统 are often the preferred choice for paint booths, 油漆烘干机和手工工作摊位. 油漆干燥器在超过100°C的温度下工作,需要一个带有干燥管道系统的洒水系统. If the paint booth’s technical facilities - e.g. filter systems - are particularly sensitive to water, water-saving Minifog圣保罗市 water mist extinguishing systems offer a good alternative. 绘画机器人, Minimax提供了一种基于二氧化碳高压灭火系统的特殊解决方案. Special, 快速响应FMX火焰探测器检测点火源,并向火灾报警控制面板发送信号. This control panel sends command impulses for shutting down robots, 输送机系统, 油漆供应, air and solvents and triggers the extinguishing system. The control air of the paint robot is deactivated and, instead, carbon dioxide is emitted aiming specifically at extinguishing the fire.


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