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More durable, safe and efficient

Fendium Polymer-Enhanced Steel Pipe feature a special polymer protecting it against corrosion both on the outside and the inside. They thus achieve a significantly longer lifespan than conventional pipes and increase the functional reliability of an extinguishing system. Fendium also offers many other advantages.

  • Low pipe friction allows the use of smaller pipes or smaller pumps in many cases
  • Less space is required due to smaller pipes or smaller pumps
  • 与涂料和粉末涂料不同的是,聚合物和钢是统一的,最大限度地降低了剥落的风险
  • 质量来自世界消防行业最大的管道预制厂
  • 可提供不同等级的聚合物保护,适用于不同的腐蚀条件

You have the choice

Fire suppression systems typically remain unused for many years, and fortunately in most cases, they are never needed at all. Nevertheless they must be ready for operation at any time. 在水基灭火系统中,管道经常存在腐蚀现象, which may not only cause perforation of the pipes, but also deposits that can reduce internal diameters. 这就是为什么MG冰球突破官网富含了一种特殊的聚合物,提供了持久的防腐保护.

Fendium pipe
Polymer-Enhanced inside
Conventional pipe
Pitting corrosion
Polymer-Enhanced outside
Surface corrosion
  1. Fendium pipe
  2. Polymer-Enhanced inside
    2 Polymer-Enhanced inside
    Fendium pipe


  3. Conventional pipe
  4. Pitting corrosion
    4 Pitting corrosion

    Typical characteristics of pitting corrosion

    • Perforation
    • Rust-through

  5. Polymer-Enhanced outside
    5 Polymer-Enhanced outside
    Fendium pipe


  6. Surface corrosion
    6 Surface corrosion

    Typical characteristics of surface corrosion

    • Rough surfaces
    • Encrustations
    • Deposits

Fendium stands for sustainable fire protection

Rough and constricted pipes, 此外,堵塞的洒水器或喷嘴也会在发生火灾时损害系统的灭火效果, 因此,最终将人员和资产置于风险之中,并危及业务的继续运营. But even when the suppression system is just in its standby condition, corrosion may cause problems: Leakages may occur not only as a result of rust-through, but also due to roughened surfaces under gaskets of pipe couplings. This means costly water damage and business interruptions. The solution: Fendium polymer-coated pipes. We give our word for it with a 10 year guarantee.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing process

Innovative Fendium pipe is produced at MV Pipe Technologies, a Minimax affiliated company, in the world's largest pipe prefabrication plant in the fire protection industry. 这家工厂因其规模和采用的尖端技术和程序而独具一格.

After mechanical processing, 该防腐蚀聚合物形成在每根钢管的外部和内部的专利程序. After the polymer enhancement the pipe is black – however, by adding an outer powder coating, Fendium pipe can be delivered in other colors as well.

The entire production process is environmentally friendly. All liquids used for surface treatment are water-based and are continuously recycled. 内部热电联产装置能够高效、可持续地产生热量和电能. MG冰球突破官网寿命的延长也有助于减少环境足迹.

Durable quality - Polymer and steel are unified

The special Fendium polymer protection is produced in several process steps. After thorough cleaning and pretreatment, the steel pipe to be enhanced is dipped in a tank filled with Fendium polymer emulsion. 所述乳剂中所含的氟化铁不断供给管道,并在钢管表面释放铁离子. 一旦带正电荷的铁离子与乳液中所含的聚合物粒子碰撞, they adhere to them and partly neutralize their negative charge. 聚合物颗粒现在能够相互结合,并被吸引到正极化的钢管表面.

通过这种方法,开发了聚合物保护,平滑了管道的粗糙度. Once the desired polymer protection is achieved, this process step is terminated by removing the pipe from the dip tank. To continue the process, gelling takes place in the pre-dryer. 管道被加热,导致聚合物颗粒相互碰撞,管道被进一步平滑. Finally, the polymer is baked and cured in the hot-air oven. 聚合物增强的结果是由钢芯逐渐过渡到纯聚合物.


Fendium pipe can be used for almost all types of water-based suppression systems. 它可提供不同水平的聚合物保护,以适应各自的腐蚀条件.

基本系列MG冰球突破官网道专门用于湿式管道喷水灭火系统. Plus系列提供更强的聚合物保护,因此也非常适合具有更大腐蚀风险的地区, including

  • dry pipe and preaction sprinkler systems,

  • deluge systems

  • low-pressure water mist systems,

  • hydrant systems and dry risers, and

  • spark extinguishing systems.

High rack storage
High rack storage

Protection zone

高货架存储货架高达50米高,主要是为欧洲托盘的入口设计的. 他们的容量范围从几千到几十万托盘存储位置. 在一个非常小的表面积上,它们为大量的商品和产品提供了空间. 在每两排储物架之间有一个通道,供货架上的馈线上下移动.


  • Rapid spreading of fire in a vertical direction due to stacked pallets
  • Chimney effect, i.e. flames and fire gases are drawn upward through the shafts

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems have been proven to work well in high rack storage facilities. 在传统的版本中,洒水器安装在天花板下和架子上. However, 如果采用ESFR(早期抑制快速响应)洒水装置,则无需安装货架式洒水装置, which are installed only in the ceiling, can be deployed. 火灾探测系统的早期探测火灾也被用于补充喷水灭火系统在高机架储存设施. In these cases, Minimax建议使用HELIOS AMX5000吸气式烟雾探测器,在架子上垂直安装吸气管,并将评估单元安装在易于接近的位置. The advantage of such a solution over punctiform smoke detectors is, for example, that they can be serviced very easily without having to interrupt business operations.

Hotel rooms
Hotel rooms

Protection zone

Hotel rooms are retreat and relaxation rooms, mostly occupied at night by guests. During the day it is mainly staff that enter the rooms. 这些房间对便利和室内设计的要求往往非常严格. For this reason, the rooms have already been fitted extensively with electrical devices, and this trend can be expected to continue in future.


  • 有缺陷的电气设备,e.g. kettles, radio, or TV
  • Incompletely extinguished cigarette butts
  • Highly flammable materials

Fire Protection

迷你雾EconAqua水雾灭火系统是一种节约水和空间的替代洒水系统在酒店客房. In hotel rooms, they can be designed as extended coverage wall sprinklers, 这意味着一个标准房间只用一个洒水器就能安全防火吗. When using undercover sprinklers, the extinguishing system fits particularly unobtrusively into the ceiling. 

Parking areas
Parking areas

Protection zone

Extensive parking facilities are especially convenient for customers and employees. 由于空间的限制,停车场通常提供在高度频繁的多层停车场.


  • Technical defects in parked vehicles
  • Careless smoking
  • Arson
  • Rapid spreading of fire and development of smoke

Fire Protection

Minfog EconAqua水雾灭火系统为地下停车场提供了一种节约水和空间的灭火方法. For higher ceilings, sprinkler systems are a reliable alternative. 

Production and assembly halls
Production and assembly halls

Protection zone

生产和装配大厅通常是广泛的多层建筑,为机器和系统提供必要的空间. Such halls are often not structurally subdivided, and the individual areas are interconnected by fully-automated conveyor systems.


  • Technical defects, such as short circuits at production facilities
  • Highly flammable materials
  • Rapid spreading of fire due to open spaces and interconnecting conveyor systems

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems are often the ideal solution for production and assembly areas. Their basic concept of selective extinguishing satisfies the applicable requirements. 在活化的情况下,水不会分散到整个生产和装配大厅.

Storage rooms

Protection zone

Storage rooms serve to store various materials. 储存通常包括日常办公用品、卫生用品或清洁剂. Other storerooms may serve to store hand tools, computer equipment or retail goods. For food, storage in integrated cold store cells or -rooms may be required


  • Short circuits in wiring cabinets or cable lines
  • Carelessly discarded cigarette butts
  • High fire load due to concentration of stored goods in a confined space

Fire Protection

Sprinkler systems are often the first choice for logistics areas. Depending on the deployment conditions, sprinklers may be installed both under the ceiling and in the shelves. If the cold store cells are integrated into a storage room, they can be integrated in an existing sprinkler system by using dry sprinklers. Due to its design, Minimax移动服务公司的狭窄消火栓柜节省了宝贵的存储空间,因此非常适合在物流领域使用. 

Approved by independent testing institutions

Fendium is approved by both VdS Schaden­verhütung and FM Global.

Even after long-term use, MG冰球突破官网的表面与塑料管的表面一样光滑,而且广泛地没有沉积物,从而减少了内径. For this reason, VdS Schaden-verhütung和FM Global都已确认,具有MG冰球突破官网的hazen - william - li - ams系数(c值)为140,用于液压计算. In contrast, 根据FM的数据,镀锌或内部未处理的钢管在干管系统中的c值为120,甚至只有100. The higher the C-value, the lower the pres­sure loss. This means that with Fendium, 在许多情况下,抑制系统可以设计成更小的管道或更小的泵,需要更少的空间. In ad­di­tion, smal­ler pipes weigh less mak­ing in­stall­a­tion easier. 

VdS - Confidence through Safety
FM Global


Article "New Corrosion-Resistant Sprinkler Pipe" by FM Approvals
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